I am currently doing the exercise program called X-Factor: ST. They call what they are doing "Sequence Training." I was wondering if anyone knew what that mean't. They don't use weights, they only use these circle things for push-ups. It's all about body exercises. This goes on for 8 weeks and supposidely, you are supposed to see results.

It comes with 4 bonus disks: Abs, Glutes and Thighs, Full Body, and Yoga. It also comes with a workout log and a Nutrition Guide as well.

I got done with Week 1, and how it goes is, you do a 40 minute workout, starting on Mon. and then Tues. it's Cardio or one of the Bonus DVD's, Wednesday is the workout, Thursday it's Cardio or one of the Bonus DVD's etc...etc...

And, I'm also on a 1,950 Calorie Diet.

Given all of this information, what is Sequence Training?