The 10 best

1. Burlington, VT icon_biggrin.gif
2. Madison, WI
3. Plano, TX
4. San Jose, CA
5. Boise, ID
6. Austin, TX
7. Virginia Beach, VA
8. Seattle, WA
9. Aurora, CO
10. Raleigh, NC

#1. Burlington, VT

Fight disease head-on
Burlington may be the birthplace of Ben & Jerry's, but it's hardly a town of chubby hubbies. "The obesity epidemic, which has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, hasn't hit as badly here," says James Vecchio, M.D., a professor of medicine at the University of Vermont. "We have health-conscious patients." This translates into men who know their health screening options the way other guys know their fantasy football stats. Still, disease prevention is a two-way street in this city. "Our major medical center recently introduced electronic medical records, which will hopefully further boost rates of preventive care," says Dr. Vecchio. Doctors will soon be able to program preventive-care reminders into patients' e-records so they never miss screenings. Ask your M.D. about switching to digital records, and then download the MyChart app, which lets you use your smartphone to view your medical file and any screening reminders.

The 10 worst

91. Kansas City, MO
92. Toledo, OH
93. Tulsa, OK
94. Cleveland, OH
95. Jackson, MS
96. St. Louis, MO
97. Detroit, MI
98. Philadelphia, PA
99. Burlington, AL
100. Memphis, TN