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    Jan 06, 2012 8:53 AM GMT
    Hey everyone, I'm sure there have been a bunch of these posts before but after searching I couldn't really find one that suited me. I'm looking to get a good physique. Yes, I know it takes time and dedication and I think that's the issue. I've been working out for the past year, lifting weights and adjusting my diet but I can't seem to get any definition. I've attached some pics of my body and I was wondering if there was any tips or workouts that anyone could suggest to help me get a 6 pack by next january. Thanks all.photostreamphotostream
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    Jan 06, 2012 2:25 PM GMT
    Hmm I don't see any pics, but judging from what I can see I'd say you should focus on building muscle. The way abs work is that you strip fat and water weight to reveal muscle you already have, but you appear to be pretty lean to me. If you built up your ab muscles with resistance training you'd get more of the bumpy washboard look. Weighted crunches and crunch machines would probably do wonders.

    But an overall regime of resistance training - heavy resistance - is what I'd say you need most. That, and probably a couple thousand more calories of fat and protein.