As much as I don't wanna do it, I've got to do these dishes.

And my dog peed on the supper table. THE SUPPER TABLE?!?! Seriously Cooper....seriously?!?!?! This dog's bladder must be the size of a marble. Everywhere I go, there's pee! I take this dog out like...hell I can't even count how many times I take him outside during the day, and he won't stop peeing. I dunno what to do, we've tried training him...that didn't work. We got pee pads, that didn't work. We rubbed his nose in his own pee, that didn't work. He doesn't even drink barely anything throughout the day. How does he do it?

I dunno, maybe there's a secret spring somewhere around our house that I'm not aware of, and if that's the case....I dunno, that's kind of cool. My dog...a ninja....that's badass.

But this is pure bullshittery. I'm gonna have to do some investigating, because if this dog doesn't stop peeing...he's gonna stay outside all day regardless if he barks or not.