Hey folks, here's a fun podcast me and my bud do. Hope you guys like it!


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Fitness is a journey not a destination. Unfortunately for some people, the journey is a game of Candy Land where Queen Frostine rules with a sweet iron fist.

In the game of Candy Land, healthy food like fruits and nuts are dangerous.
When it comes to feeling fabulous and looking great, the deck is stacked against you in this consumer based culture where we are encouraged to take it easy and reach for what’s comfortable because it’s a lot harder for corporations to make money from people being healthy than it is from people being sick.

Thankfully, you have us and Internet to weed through a lot of the strange ideas you’ll find along this perilous rainbow colored path.

Today we’re taking a look at odd fitness trends we’ve encountered through the years and try to shed some light into what works and what is a big puke bucket of crazy.