Uh Oh ... Mitt's got a HUGE Political Problem

No it isn't that he has flip-flopped on every political issue there is out there
No it isn't that he is part of the 1% and whole-heartedly will favor them over the rest of us
No it's because of his Dog
Seems that years ago Mr Romney Took a trip with his family ... a trip that was from Boston to Ontario ... a trip that takes 12 hours
The Romneys had a stuffed station wagon ...Where did they put the Family's Irish Setter? .... They put him in a kennel on the roof of the car

Him putting the dog there isn't really the problem ....
The problem comes when after hours into the trip a brown liquid comes dribbling down onto the windshield
What does Mitt do?
He stops the car and rightly so
does he bring the dog into the car and load the suitcases onto the roofrack? NO
He hoses the dog down and PUTS HIM BACK ONTO THE ROOF OF THE CAR

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