So from my understanding, carbs are great for promoting glycogen storage and regeneration after strenuous physical activity.

So is it safe to say that people in general consume way too many carbs on the whole for no real reason?

When glycogen stores arent used but carbs are continually consumed, that excess energy is turned into fat, whereas fat and protein tend to be used up quickly.

Is it safe to assume that carbs should only be consumed early within the day, say from 7 to 4 or so, for just enough energy? Then post workout is it safe to assume that one should consume a few fast-digesting simple carbs to quickly replenish glycogen stores?

Then if one is wanting a boost for the next day is carbo loading the night before the way to go?

Now I never really payed much attention to what I ate and when, so long as it was all in moderation and very few processed foods. How is it possible to eat the proper way and still manage to put on the pounds?

For instance, im a vegetarian and do consume quite a lot of fat and protein, but never really thought of carb intake, which was quite high. I always tend to cut out carbs a few hours before bed but have trouble putting weight on in general. Should I even worry about it or just keep on keeping on?