so as all of us or at least most of us know, it is quite essential to wash yourself well from inside before letting someone fuck you.

back in europe i had no problems with it - we had mostly "normal" showers and i just had to screw the usual shower hose off and replace it with a "special" one.

now as im in US, im quite fucked and unfortunately not the way i would like icon_confused.gif showers are mostly attached to wall. no hoses, no anything.

also the faucets are from hell! on most european faucets you could screw off the "endpiece" and attach a standard showerhose to it. in US faucets are...something very not-gayfriendly.

so - can i get some help? maybe there are some adapters that go on faucets, letting you to use it as shower or something similar.

NB! please dont recommend me those enema bottles. the idea itself is of course nice but when im preparing for sex, i do it really thoroughly, letting tens of liters of water flow through me, so there would be NO surprises at all and this cant be achieved with small enema bottles.

PS! i cant replace the existing shower with anything suitable because im renting an apartment.