Israel Told by Britains Deputy Prime Minister: Israeli settlement construction is VANDALISM.

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    Jan 16, 2012 10:25 AM GMT
    Read the article on Haaretz News titled: "Palestinians: It's up to Israel to get peace talks going"

    Under the latest plan from the UN peace 'quartet' both sides were to draw up plans of where they see the borders and their plans on other issues for an agreement. The Palestinians brought and presented theirs, but Israel refused to reciprocate, indefinately postponing when they might do as previously agreed.

    Previous to this the Palestinians offered to back off expecting the settlement building to stop If Israel would carry through its previous promise to return some prisoners. Israel refused this compromise also and since has promoted two separate additional settlement projects.

    Its quite obvious that the international community has had enough of Israels 'Netanyahu' intransigent capers and 14 of the 15 Security Council voted to condemn israels actions. Of course Obama is running for re election so he veto'd this because he needs the Israeli Lobby and affiliates money and influence right now.

    What a mess this entanglement is causing the US who are made fools of before the international community by Netanyahu's jacking our Foreign Policy around so he can continue the Palestinian land grab for his settlements. This puts the US state department in the place where all it can say is "the settlements aren't helpful", because they fear taking more logical actions to bring Israel around to a just reality, else that election money would be lost. That's the way it is with intanglements from taking obvious sides on issues for other states which only serve their interests, not our own.
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    Jan 18, 2012 3:40 AM GMT
    This from Israel's Haaretz News:

    "Nick Clegg makes statement during press conference with PA President Abbas, who begins a three country European Tour to consult the stalled peace talks."

    "Clegg went on to accuse Israel of underminins attempts to broker a Middle East peace Deal by continued settlement construction"

    "Once you've placed physical facts on the ground that makes it impossible to deliever something that everyone has for years agreed is the ultimate is an acto fo deliberate vandalism to the basi premise on which negotiations have take place for years and years and years." "referring to settlement construction."

    Well geeze what was his first clue !!! Netanyahu's LIKUD's make it plain in their position papers that they have no intention of stopping the settlement construction. But it is great that finally Britain is saying out loud what already is known, that Netanyahu's intransigence is a block to peace. We can only wish that the US president had a spine to spell out the truth like this. Of course Britain doesn't have the Israeli Lobby paying for congressional and presidential elections. LOL