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"You're getting a foster brother, John," my dad blurted out of the
blue last Friday afternoon.

"WHAT?" I sputtered.

"He's in your class. You already know him," he soothed. My mother
stood in the background, offering a smile and moral support to my dad.

"Who is he?" I fumed.

"Jayden Spencer," my mother volunteered. "His grandma passed away
last week and he's underage, so he needs parenting. I've known Cleta since
I was a kid. I'm sure Jayden is a good boy. Besides, I promised her."

I didn't know him well, but I knew him. Jayden didn't hang with my
crowd of athletes. He was more bookish. He was an okay guy, but the whole
idea of sharing my stuff AND my room with this "stranger" had hit my cranky
button hard. We had very little in common, other than both of us had just
turned 17 and were black. He's about 5'8" (weighs about 150) and I'm 6'4"
(and weigh 21icon_cool.gif. I'd seen him in gym classes and he had a good body, but
just didn't care about sports like I did.

And there was the "other" issue. That's really what made me
cranky. I've been workin' my big d***k (and my tongue) up my best friends'
bootays since we were 14. How was I supposed to "entertain" my closest
friends with this guy hangin' around?

"When's this wonderful change gonna happen?" I nearly snarled.

"Don't you take that tone with me, John Alexander!" my mother
pounced. She paused for a moment, boring her eyes into mine. I glanced
away. There's no way to out-stare my mother! "He'll be arriving tomorrow
morning. I'd like you to help him bring some of his things over." I
continued my sullen pout. This time, my father glared back at me. "Most
of his grandmother's things will go to her sister, but Jayden's clothes and
so forth will come here," Mom concluded.

I knew there was no hope of getting out of this. I shrugged
non-commitally and stared at the floor. This wasn't a disaster, but it
sure resembled one.

"What time?" I sighed.

"Right after breakfast," my dad replied. "This will even up the
odds a little bit, John," he smiled at me. "Now there'll be three of us
men against the three girls." My mom laughed lightly. My two younger
sisters and my mom were always ganging up on my dad and me. I had to smile
at the possibility.

"How long am I gonna have a roommate?" I asked, bringing the
conversation back to my impeding celibacy.

"He turns 18 in January, but he needs to finish high school," my
mother began.

"And he's a smart boy, so he'll be going to college, probably on
scholarships," my dad added.

I groaned. There'd been a vague hope that it would only be for my
senior year in high school. But, it looked like it would be for five
years, perhaps more. At least, I'd only have to deal with him for this
summer, the next school year, and next summer before I went away to
college. But, I'd still have to put up with him each summer between
college years. I gritted my teeth. This had serious "blue balls" written
all over it.

My sexual routine had been to pound the hell out of both of my good
friends' butts between school letting out each day and my parents getting
home from work. During most of the school year, we were involved in
athletic training, so we'd f***k at my house (my sisters were hanging out at
the mall with their friends), in the locker room, or some other deserted
place. Weekends, we'd hang out together and find a way to get some privacy
to get it on more times in my room or theirs. This wasn't going to happen
at all now.

I skulked away to my room. They knew I wasn't happy about it, but
there was nothing I could do to change their minds. I called my friend
Lamar and broke the news to him. The first thing he asked was "What we
gonna do about gettin' freaky?"

"Beats the f***k outta me," I complained.

"You told this to Ty, yet?" I assured him that I'd called Lamar
first. "Ty's gonna go off the chain," Lamar offered. "You know how much
he loves to toss your salad while you're hammerin' my ass and then take
your second load up his ass."

"Yeah," I sighed, "I know."

"What we gonna do, Man!" he wailed. "My sisters are always hangin'
around here, so we can't get it on here. Ty's got the same problem, but
with his little brother." I sighed again. Our prospects were looking
dimmer all the time. "You know this Jayden cat very well?"

"Nah. I have him in a couple of classes, but he's pretty quiet.
But, he's smart. He gets the best grades in the class most of the time," I

"I don't know him well, either. I've seen him in gym classes and
he's in my home room. Other than that, I don't know jack about him. You
think Ty does?"

"I gotta call him and break the bad news to him anyway, so I'll
ask. I'll call ya back later."

I waited a moment to call Ty. He was the one who got us started on
man-to-man sex when we were all 14. It started innocently enough with
jacking on each other, but it quickly went much farther. Ty had an older
brother (only 2 years older) who showed him the pleasures of off-the-hook
sex with another man. Within a month, the three of us (not including his
brother) were doing it ALL! Meanwhile, his older brother had hooked up
with a college guy who loved sex with him, so he'd pushed Ty aside. I've
thanked him many times for showing me what it means to have hella hot sex.

You understand that this hasn't been my only sexual outlet. I've
dated girls, but they just don't click like the three of us do. And the
only real penetration sex I've had with girls was unsatisfying. I couldn't
go as deep as I could with Ty and Lamar, and I had to wear a condom with
the girls. At my age, I didn't need to be a father!

Mechanically, I hit the speed dial for Ty. I blurted out the bad
news without preamble. "F***K!" he responded explosively. "What we gonna
do, Man? This some cat we know?"

"Jayden Spencer," I sighed.

"Yeah? This isn't so bad, then," he laughed.


"I hear tell that he's been hitting the adult bookstores and
servicing patrons. You dig?"

"No s***t!"

"I don't know any details, just the rumor," Ty cautioned. "But, I
think it's solid."

Saturday arrived far too early. I crawled out of bed, showered,
ate breakfast, and dragged my cranky ass over to Jayden's grandma's house.
For a rental, she'd kept it in good shape. But, with the additional
information from my mother about the old woman's failing health, I figured
out that Jayden did all the yard work and kept the place looking good.
Jayden was waiting on the front porch with his life in two boxes of clothes
and other memorabilia. An older man was standing next to him. He was the
landlord. Jayden handed him the keys, shook his hand, and picked up the
two boxes, and didn't look back. A tear glistened in his right eye.

For a moment, I didn't know what to do or say. I imagined what
kind of shape I'd be in if someone that close to me had passed away. My
dad jabbed me in the ribs and nodded toward my new roommate. I pulled at
the boxes and Jayden let go. He seemed on the edge of holding it together
or falling apart. My dad put his arm around Jayden's shoulder and walked
him to the car. If my mom had done that, Jayden would have lost it. I
imagined he'd been extremely close to his grandma.

Back at our house, I put the boxes on his new bed. "What can I do
to help?" I offered. "I've already made space for you in my closet."
Jayden stared back at me blankly. "Yo, Jay!" I prodded.

He blinked. "Uh, sorry. Thanks." He opened both boxes and hung a
few clothes up. My dad had found an old dresser that fit against the wall
next to mine. He filled only