Read my book, "Musings of a Dysfunctional Life," for FREE

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    Jan 17, 2012 8:07 PM GMT
    My book, "Musings of a Dysfunctional Life," is now FREE to read via Kindle for the next 90 days if you are an Amazon Prime Member. I get paid based on the amount of people who take advantage of this, so please share with your friends. Everyone wins! Vic


    Stories Included:
    Scrapbooking for Dysfunctional Families
    Santa Claus and Sex
    Crazy Kid Stuff
    Pee Dreams and Padlocks
    The Wrench and the Cap
    My Swivel Sweeper Moment
    Fisher-Price Camera
    Head Over Heels for a New Bicycle
    Shell Collection and Ocean View Park
    A Shitty Story
    Clean Your Plate
    For the Love of Dogs
    Evil-looking People
    The Basement
    Tastee Freez Times Three
    The Beatings
    Pennies from Hell
    Somewhere Over the Bus Stop
    Butterfly Innocence
    Gym Class and Naked Showers
    Old Music
    Car Washes
    Houseplants and Terrariums
    Am I Smarter than an Eighth-Grader?
    Bad Boys
    Church and Religion
    Sexual Identity
    High School Days
    Finding Something to Do
    Sucky Jobs
    The Happy Cigarette
    Crazy Thoughts
    My Escape
    Down Home
    Sexual Awakening
    My Mother, My Sister, and Their Dogs
    The Ghost Intruder
    Crappy Friends
    Mother's Day
    A Year Younger
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    Jan 17, 2012 8:55 PM GMT
    I finished colouring my copy in a day.

    read it.
    lent it
    haven't got it back.