Ever have a date with a guy who loses his temper about something?

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    Jan 18, 2012 8:15 PM GMT
    An earlier poster said he's turned off when a guy shows up for a date with a messy car.

    I don't blame him, but I've experienced something far worse....a crazy driver.

    One time, my date got into a road rage altercation. He was driving a Ford Bronco and literally ran this woman in a Ford Escort off the highway. It was like the movies, where he got along side her, and suddenly jerked the wheel over to make her think he was going to smash into her. Then he drove in front of her, and slammed on his brakes. She jammed on her brakes so much that she lost control of her car and stopped in the median on the highway.

    I never called him back, and so he called me back and tried to make a joke of his behavior. All I could think of was that, eventually his out of control anger would show up again.
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    Jan 19, 2012 3:59 AM GMT
    That's crazy...it's also one of the reasons I myself have started counseling for road rage. 2 serious not at a fault accidents in 2 years is enough to make anyone go nuts. Luckily...it'll all be covered in the settlement.

    Umm...as far as losing temper? Boy oh boy, I got into a situation last week where the guy lost his temper while I was trying to parallel park, cursing and banging on my window at a car not letting us park. (I think I made a thread about it too), then got into a shoving match with someone in the bar 15 minutes later, and then starting raising his voice at me.

    No tah, I try to keep my cool when on a 1st date. Even when a guy Sunday cut off the date I was riding with and he did NOTHING except swerve his wheel and get all scared...I held back the urge to get out the car at the stop light and bust out the other guy's tail lights. And then curse his ass out for letting the fool do that!