There is a new revolution waiting to happen in Romania. The poverty and unemployment have reached critical level and the latest decisions have fueled the anger of the people. They can't take it anymore so they decided to go out in streets. The protests are getting more violent every day, especially in Bucharest.
This sounds like '89 all over again.

You take down the actual leaders but the next ones will be as bad if not worse. I think we failed to evolve as a nation. The rule that is applied for most of Romanians is that in order to be happy you have to cause pain to another.
Some people are asking for the king back, I think it would be the best option, maybe out of respect for him we can start respecting each other.
Romanians need something to believe in right now, either King Mihai or the second coming of Jesus would be very welcomed.

For all you Romanians living elsewhere, I know there are many, stay there, have a happy life, there's no reason to come back and waste it here.
My insecurity has never been so intense...

This country has no cure.