Hi all,

I'm starting to venture into something totally and almost completely new for me. Now, I'm just an average guy working on loosing some weight and improving my overall health, but, that isn't the subject at hand. What I'm saying is, I've decided to stop just fantasizing (among other things...;-)) about guys with huge or massive muscles, and have decided that I really do want a full on relationship with one.

Now, over the past, Ive always dated big guys, but, they were usually chubby guys, and, well, it's kind of odd, but, most of them were just in love with the idea of being with me when I would actually fall in love.

For me, I really want a huge/massive muscle guy to fall in love with and that actually will fall in love with me and have a full on relationship with that person. I honestly know and appreciate what it takes for him to get that huge and maintain it, even though, I've never experienced the everyday routine and living with one.

I feel though that I'm ready to venture full throttle into it and I now also know that there are decent, huge bodybuilders/muscle guys out there that actually want to date me and be with me for the long haul so to speak. It's a wonderful surprise I must say.

Quite frankly, before, the only reason I mostly fantasized about them is because, well, I thought they were "out of my league" so to speak, but, thanks to this site (and a few others), I have learned that you can actually make your fantasy and more actually come true and, can have that guy you want. I always said to people a line from some cosmetics ad "You know what you want. Go out and get it," but, I never really followed that advice in myself, and now, I am.

I guess my main question is, has anyone here ever had or has a full on relationship with a huge/massive muscle guy, or, a guy with bigger muscles than them? Also, what's the relationship like and/or, what's it like to be in that type of relationship?

A question for you huge muscle guys/bodybuilders here, what's it like for you to have the relationship with a smaller built guy than yourself?

Now, I'm not just talking the sex, but, well, I'm talking everything that you do and like with that person, plus the ups and downs. I want you all to just come on out with all the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.

I just want to be prepared for this venture I'm taking on and I feel all you guys here are the best people I can talk to about it.

I hope some out there are listening and I look forward to your replys.