RESIZED TEXT GOES HERECOLORED TEXT GOES HERE I have found a right guy that I love the most and wanna spend my life with. He felt the same way, and he loved me more. We've been together for 6 months, and we decided to get married.
However, my boyfriend told me that he was ready clear with his ex who studying in Australia. Anyway, when my boyfriend told his ex about our plan for married. my boyfriend's ex started to play drama and tried to kill himself cuz he said he still love my boyfriend. They lived with each other for 4 years.
That's guy is so drama and cry for begging my boyfriend to come back to him. he did something stupid like taking pills or giving up the class.
My boyfriend's feel guilty about that, and my bf tried to explain with that guy but it didnt work. Right now, that guy told my bf that he got something with brain so he couldnt think too much and asking my bf to come back.
I dont know what do while my bf love me so bad, and he gets upset everyday about that.
me and my boyfriend say goodbye to each other while we love each other so much because he feel pity on his ex. That's so hurt for me!
My boyfriend always say to me PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME! but he dont know how to deal with his ex.