You won't read this in the US Media, AIPAC adherents See's to that, but in Israels Haaretz News, they print the whole story, guess that's why Netanyahu recently called Haaretz News and the New York Times Israels worst enemy.

This from Haaretz News:

"Annual report lists Israel's blockade of Gaza Strip, SETTLEMENT EXPANSION in WEST BANK, and home demolitions in East Jerusalem: report also accuses Hamas for carrying out judicial executions and for allegedly torturing detainees."

"Serious violations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories were ongoing in 2011, Human Rights Watch said in its annual report Sunday."

"It listed Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, ongoing settlement expansion in the West Bank and home demolitions in East Jerusalem." "It noted also Gazan mortor fire at southern Israel population centers" "It condemned Hamas ... for carrying out three judicial executions, and for allegedly torturing scores of Palestinians detainees, some who died>"

"In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israel had demoliched some 467 Palestinians homes and other buildings, displacing 869 people, the highest number in five years, the report said."

"Israel usually carries out demolitions on the grounds that the structures were built without permits, but in practice such permits are almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain in Israeli controled (palestinian)areas,"

"The report also sharply criticized Israel for detaining 164 Palestinains minors. It also metioned settler violence and vandalism and what is said was lack of action by Israeli authorities against it. The United Nations reported 377 attacks by settlers last you that damaged Palestinian Property, including almost 10,000 olive trees." What was that LIL'AIPAC tried to convince about how well the 'arabs' were treated ?

"The report also mentioned New Legislation passed by the Israeli parliament, including one law making "calls for boycotts of Isreli settlements" as a civil offense, and another which "penalizes cultural, academic, or other institutions or municipalitites that commemorate the Kakba "( Palestinians catastrophe of being run off from their homes)

As one Jewish commenter 'elj' on Haaretz news wrote: "Now all the usual anti-semitic accusations and smears will start again." because we mustn't criticize Israel's mistreatment of the Palestinians.