Palestinian/Israeli Peace: Under pressure of talks breaking down -Israel releases its stance on borders - as expected, Settlements are key to Israel's 'pre-condition' on the ground to keeping more of the West Bank.

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    Jan 27, 2012 10:18 AM GMT
    This from Haaretz News: Article - Israel presents the Palestinians its stance on borders.

    Last week the Palestinians threatened to end the talks because Israel had not complied as the Palestinians had on presenting its stance on Boarders. Today the Israeli's presented their stance without any maps and no documents, but a broad statement of principles on borders for a future Palestine.

    The "presentation included a series of basic principles, without any maps or percentages of lands slotted to be swapped... One of the principles ... presented was that in any pernament agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, most of the Israelis who live in the West Bank will remain in Israeli territory, while the Palestinians in the West Bank will be in the area allotted for a future Palestinian State."

    The "presentation on borders marks the first time that the Netanyahu government agreed to discuss the territorial issue."

    Angela Merkel of Germany: "she called on the Israeli Prime Minister to do all he could from his side so that the current process could continue."

    You will recall Netanyahu had earlier threatened not to resume talks with Palestinians due to their supposed 'precondition' in demanding that the Israels Settlement building be stopped. Meanwhile Netanyahu's actual 'preconditions on the ground', that of the settlements increased by 7000 units this year, and today we see why, Netanhahu's preconditioning Settlements were to keep more of the West Bank and they are still being built.

    With US acquiescence and support, this peace blocking settlement building process goes on and threatens to totally ruin any chance at the two state solution.

    If you were the Palestinians wouldn't you demand that the settlement building stop if Israel wants to talke peace ? Is there any precedence in any nations negotiation law, for Israel's thieving land from those who they seek peace with as they attempt to settle borders. Under Israel's demand to keep their 'special rights' to keep building Settlement units, the borders could potentially be moving every several days. Where does this kind of tactic work in real life?

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    Jan 27, 2012 4:59 PM GMT
    Here's a few comments from the International Community:

    (1) Israel gave "no maps presented, not even percentages of land, in other words they presented..........nothing !!!

    (2) "Endless delay is bibi's national strategy, a pathetic ploy to annex more land. The demographic bomb and growing Palestinian anger will show Bibi's historic mistake. He should negotiate for real now.."

    (3) Israel ----"Last minute presentation but not a firm document. as usual delaying tactics."