In my opinion the BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT ( ARSON ) u can buy this stuff at your local GNC store or online.

Made me toned , its strong man really strong ! one pill per day ! some supplements require u to use at least 2 to 4 pills of thermogenic supplement to make it work.

( ARSON ) by Muscle Asylum Project

only requires u to take one pill a day. and boy dont under estimate it u will feel it more stronger than n my honest opinion ( RED LINE , HYDROXYCUT ) .

* Warning if u have a heart problem dont use this stuff *

perfect to be used with a combine workout of cardio and weight lifting, some people are sensitive to thermogenic supplements, so be sure u dont have a health problem.


THERMOGENIC SUPPLEMENTS - help by promoting thermogenesis in the body burning excess body fat using it as energy when u are working out.