Hunger games, Promethius, and other movies i look forward to this 2012

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    Jan 28, 2012 8:42 AM GMT
    First movie im looking forward on watching is the ( HUNGER GAMES ), and ofcourse who isn't excited to see scott ridleys ( PROMETHIUS ).

    judging from the trailer of Hunger Games , its like the movie CONDEMNED starring ( the wrestler STEVE AUSTIN ) meets the movie ( HARRY POTTER or Twilight ) . I Mean death match movies mixed with teens, new style but the concept of the story kinda feels its gonna be boring at the middle part of it. Too much drama in an action movie can be a movie's downfall. But it's to early to tell, positive note i heard from my buds that their girlfriends love the book. ( FINGER CROSS ) it won't be another teen drama.

    Promethius , NOW ! this movie is really exciting some people say it's a prequel to Aliens, other people say it's not.... but i can see what they are saying just by watching the trailer. THE HORSE SHOE shaped alien craft u see in the trailer, kinda.....looks like the one in the first ALIEN MOVIE. Where the crew found the eggs at the Alien craft.

    All i know is people on the internet from youtube and other forums are buzzing that this is either a prequel or a setting ( SAME UNIVERSE BUT DIFFERENT STORYLINE ).

    Which is like the game War Hammer and WAR HAMMER 40k.

    My guess between the 2 movies ( PROMETHIUS ) and ( HUNGER GAMES )

    " Promethius " would be worth the money to watch when it comes out.icon_cool.gif
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    Jan 29, 2012 9:20 AM GMT
    Hunger games always reminds me of Battle Royale. It does look interesting and Prometheus too.
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    Jan 29, 2012 10:29 AM GMT
    Hunger Games is based on a very popular book trilogy. There should be 3 movies.

    The books were a quick read and very, very good.