" Harm none, be harmed by no one"

like the saying throw a stone at someone , they would throw it back.

but throw kindness and respect, they give it back to u as well.

" life is but a passing moment, and death is just around the corner "

" Time is unforgiving, unyielding, u cant bargain with it, nor move backwards to what past is past "

" We are flesh and blood by today, as we are dust and memories by tomorrow "

" why hate , when life is too short , sure u can retaliate but after that we all go the same place abyss or so they say the void "

a man once said " Why should i fear death , when it didnt matter to me then for before i was born i never exsisted "

" The difference between the living and the dead, those who are alive when go to sleep and wake up to greet the new day. Those who are dead stay dead not knowing, not saying anything, they lay still and quiet as the world continues to move , ...they no longer more "