This exercize is like a game useing you're mind, speed, strength, reach, jumping, and more how to do this with friends.

This first one is struggle.

First grab a baseball bat for each person covered in a soft layer or, not depend on how you like. For friend each person must carry 10 balls tennis is the best type.

You have a 1 minute time. Smach each other as hard as you can. But, try to collect the other players balls. Who ever has the most wins.

Now the second, version grand stander. Use you're bat keep the ball in mid air. The number of times you keep it in the air is you're score.

In round which ever round you had most hits thats you're score. My high score is 30. Remember you are in a circle are if the ball hits out or, hits the ground the counting stops.

Enjoy these extreme challages based from kingdom hearts 2.