First, Just dance everyone knows it. The first game to get moving without a pad. The songs are ok but, not that great for danceing. Most of the songs move you're upper body more than you're bottom half not giving a even full body exercize. You can buy songs with wiishop points there are alot of different genres. So you can have more fun.

Second, Dance Central a well known game for connect on x-box. The games music is mostly rap so not much of a good music genre selection. You move you're whole body alot more than Just Dance series. But, only usually goes in between a walk and, running speed (pace) to give a decent workout and, sweat of pounds. You can buy songs with x-box live during the game but, music once again is more rape Boo! If you're like me hearing rape is the worst music.

Third, DDR/ Dance masters. There are two versions of DDR. DDR uses pads Dance Masters is DDR for connect. Now DDR is great now with wii remote and, numbchuck you actually move you're hands in every direction while danceing. DDR has a setting wich can make the moves so fast garrented to make you dance those pounds off, get muscular legs, and have fun. You have over 30 songs when downloaded and, imported from the older games. Plus in training mode on wii/ ps2 versions you can see how to do the dances and dance without a pad or remotes getting a full body workout.

Dance Master is like Dance Central not much else to say but, has a better songs for danceing. Although you can't by songs you have amazing songs like on DDR hottest party 2 umbrella, reach the sky, dance, I ran. On DDR hottest party 3 Lets get away (ruffage remix), soul sister, when i grow up, and much more.

So judgeing the games DDR/ Dance masters wins. Congrates to KONAMI.