My grampa told me once that as long as I'm not hurting myself or anyone else, to do what I can while I have the energy and inclination because it's not what I did that will give me regret, but what didn't do.
So I endeavor to generally throw myself into whatever I do. If I'm in a relationship (which I do love) I commit myself fully to that relationship and wallow in the connectedness of being with someone. Conversely, if I'm single I throw myself into the experience of dating, meeting new people and searching for a meaningful connection... or two... or three...

As is my M.O. I'm currently dating[getting to know] more than one guy and I don't decline the opportunity to meet new guys for coffee or a drink if there is mutual interest.
None of the current dating situations have been defined as exclusive, I've only been intimate with one of them. I find that sex amplifies any feelings and makes the more than likely separation of ways more difficult and complicated so I only have sex with guys I intend on loving no matter what the context is.

I don't know I want to be with someone till I've known them a while and spending time with someone doesn't necessarily mean I want to pursue a committed relationship with them, the nuance is hard to convey without sounding like an asshole and I occasionally worry over that.

I share my dating stories with others and most people get a big kick out of them and others are horrified. Sometimes I feel so remarkably evolved in my dating practices... other times I feel like a narcissisticly depraved social miscreant.

That's the background and just how I operate, it won't change and I don't intend on even trying.

But I am very curious about others, how do you "date"?