Skinny guy looking to gain a little weight without the fat

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    Feb 01, 2012 12:35 AM GMT
    Hey i'm a 23 year old full time college guy. My body type is skinny with some muscular tone. I work out (usually) 3 times a week chest and arms some days then abs and legs the others. I've done all the low carb/high protein diets which only make me skinnier with low to no muscle, I've done high calorie diets as well, but they only leave me chubbier.
    What I want is a toned body with a nice amount of muscle I want a tight tummy with a noticeable six pack. I've been trying for years to get the body my body in to shape and feel like nothing is working. I'm getting very close to giving up and just being happy with what I have....which is not what I want to do!
    PLEASE if someone could give me a workout/diet plan/schedule to get to my goals I would LOVE this.
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    Feb 01, 2012 2:42 AM GMT
    I think the fat is good. This thread is for me too.
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    Feb 01, 2012 4:21 AM GMT
    The protein is important, but low carb diets are no good for skinny guys like us. Carbs are energy, and if you're working out all the time without them, you'll just start burning through the protein instead.

    What worked for me = balanced diet (carbs, proteins, and mono/poly unsaturated fats), but little to no saturated fat. When I first started working out, I always took creatine before workouts and whey protein after, and I definitely think that helped me put on the initial muscle mass, but I stopped after a while because most of those supplements are crap and your body isn't great at processing all the excessive protein and other shit anyway. Lift regularly, make sure you're targeting all the muscle groups, and make sure you're leaving at least a day of rest before doing the same muscle group over again. Don't forget about some light cardio too... you don't want to overdo the cardio or you're just going to lose weight again, but a little bit helps keep the muscle mass lean rather than bulky.

    Hope that helps a bit and isn't too general....
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    Feb 01, 2012 4:28 AM GMT
    I was in the same boat until I learned how to change my body. Make this website your best friend and stick with your plan and you will transform yourself. Go to build a plan and choose your stats and such.

    They have plans for free based on what you want. Just so you know, you really cant loose the fat and gain muscle at the same time. You will probably want to bulk first then cut off the fat.

    Unfortunetly, if you have tried stuff kinda like this before you probably weren't doing it right. Might have been a lack of protien, carbs, fat (or too much). You also need to lift hard, not just go throw weights around.

    I am trying a personal vartiation of Steve Cook's work out and diet plan, its been working really well (I didn't like how he only did one working set). Last thing is that you have to understand that your body will not change just like that, it takes time.

    Here is his:
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    Feb 01, 2012 6:35 AM GMT
    You just have to find the balance between carbs, protein and fat.

    How much protein do you get a day?

    You can gain lean muscle with little fat but it is a very slow process imo. I did that for like 2.5 years, and finally broke down and started eating a lot more (3,000 calories+). I gained 24 lbs, kept bodyfat more or less the same and my lifts all went up significantly. So yeah, diets the answer buddy.

    The good thing about being thin is that if you do gain some weight, it won't be hard at all to shed the body fat and switch to a low-carb/high protein diet to do it.

    Good luck!