This is quite funny.

I hope it is not geoblocked. U.S. readers might find it funny too

Only Canadians though would get th joke that Mulcair is wearing a very atypical casual sweater instead of his usual style.
I love Romeo Saganash' "what the f--- is the other one?"

Nathan Cullen: "We need to stop worrying about the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and start worrying about the border between Canada and Mexico."

Niki Ashton : "this country needs more freedom, eagles, and freedom."
then cutting away to Martin Singh's beard when Peggy Nash mocked Thomas Mulcair's crazy beard."

That was Paul Dewar promising to work with Newt Gingrich to establish a moon base.

Brian Topp "we will work together to CRUSH..."
Thar last one had me pissing myself.

NDPers using that kind of language is utterly hysterical but Brian Topp is was the Party President. very diplomatic. Thomas Mulcair is noted for a fiery temper (as is Nathan)
Peggy Nash is motherly and kind, so her mocking someone's beard is funny too.