Stacking my supplement : VIRIDEX by Gasparri and THERMOGENICS

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    Feb 02, 2012 3:22 AM GMT
    RIGHT NOW ...

    im using thermogenics and ( VIRIDEX by GASPARRI ) thermo to maintain low body fat and VIRIDEX to support lean muscle mass and lower my cortisol.

    so far its been day 2 , noticed by using Gasparri's Viridex my muscles feels more solid than before.

    Cause been on a crazy ass diet for a long period of time. so now im trying to use supplements that wont have high calories but instead , make them maintain that shredded solid look.

    My take on supplements like creatine ( NO unless ur genetically gifted to process it without water weight gains )

    ( some people like it , i dont )

    I might have to stop my diet since i noticed the shredder u get or leaner u get u muscle size isnt as bulky as before , so in the sense i might have burned off some muscle mass by dieting alone.

    i may have to up my protein and combine 1 hour of cardio to maintain a compact built.

    anyway so far so good i love the full muscle feel, might cut down on cardio for a bit to give way to lifting more often like before.

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    Feb 02, 2012 3:00 PM GMT
    I'd love to hear more about VIRIDEX from other RJ'ers -
    My quick research on this sounds like better results may come from guys over 40 (as this is primarily a test booster).