64% =Israeli's want Nuke free zone... IRAN proposed NUCLEAR FREE ZONE ------ISRAEL REFUSED in May 2010 ----There exists no good reason to Bomb Iran.

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    Feb 04, 2012 2:19 AM GMT
    "George Friedman, Head of the global intelligence company Stratfor, has said Iran is "decades away" from developing any crdible Nuke arms capacity and that an attack on Iran would have grave repercussions for the Global Economy."

    "If Iran ever did develp nuclear weapons, Israeli academic Avner Cohen has observed "that the prospect of a deliberate Iranian first Nuclear strike on Israel, ... is virtually nonexistent.... The chances of Iran ..... unleashing a nuclear strike against Israel, which has Nuclear capagilities itself, strike me as clost to zero"

    Take a look at all of the information on Israel's hidden from view Nuke Program and refusal to cooperate with inspections yet threatens bombing Iran Openly, refuses to allow its own Nukes to be inspected, while stirring up the whole world over getting Irans Nuke program inspected. Isn't Israel SPECIAL, Special rules just for it, differenct rules for its neighbors. Cry Wolf !!! Cry Wolf !!! Israel keep crying wolf, few believe you anymore.

    Read the Farsi translation rather than the AIPAC version of Irans being falsely accused of threatening to "Bomb Israel off the Map, The false rumor of the Century" Look this article up on antiwar.com.
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    Feb 04, 2012 4:40 PM GMT
    CommonDreams.org: "War on Iran? Most American, Israeli Citizens Oppose"

    "64% of Israelis favor a Nuclear-free Zone"

    " Despite the steady drumbeat for war coming from US and Israeli NeoCons, polls show that the people of both the US and Israel are against a US or Israeli military attack on Iran."

    "A new United Technologies National Journal Poll shows only 17% of the US public supports military action against Iran. and a November PIPA poll shows that only 43% of Israeli Jews support a military strike on Iran."

    As we know Israel has a Nuclear program with possibly over 200 Nuke bombs ----------- "The israeli public also seems willing to move away from a secretive nuclear policy toward greater openness about Israel's nuclear facilities. 60% of respondents favored "a system of full internatioinal inspections" of all nuclear facilites, including Israel's and Irans, as a step toward regioan disarmament."