Ron Paul drew Nearly 20% in Navada, Gingrich at 22%. Can Ron Paul with his strong backing effect a more positive change on the Party Platform than Gingrich?

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    Feb 05, 2012 7:24 AM GMT
    The republican Status Quo are scared to death of both Gingrich and Ron Paul, but more so Paul because they fear he may run independent. With this scenerio in mind, it appears to me from what I'm reading that Ron Paul has an opportunity to bring about changes, or for a prominent position in a Romney Presidetial run, in trade for his promise not to run Independent.

    Do you think Ron Paul will make a trade or run Independent?

    Some writers are now talking the possibility of Gingrich running independent, he is after all 'according to his high opinion of himself' just what our nation needs to revive 'american exceptionalism' LOL !! Anyone think Gingrich actually is so self impressed that he'd run independent ?
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    Feb 05, 2012 3:20 PM GMT
    Gingrich thinks he's the savior of the repub party, his dual national Casino biilionair financier Adelson is gambling that he is too. Will Gingrich stay in the race as a thorn in the side of the repubs against their best interests toward winning over Obama, or will Gingrich self importance take it as far as Adelsons money will allow him to go.

    Gingrich has no honor, nor normal shame regarding his past, or he would never have taken the risk of running in this presidentlal race. I'm afraid this idiot has too high an opinion of himself to back off even for the good of the overall party good.

    Paul on the other hand has some true change for the good of the party to offer, I'm afraid he would come closer to backing off for the good of the party then the crooked Gingrich would.

    Personally I hope Paul does run independent to shake up our two party system and thereby effect some positive changes.