Well he is wild , im always game with his kinks. =) but i think my favorite kinks is being rough when trying to dominate one another , while a serious hot lip action is happening on the same time =)

followed by trying to pin one another on the wall, floor, bed , the one who submits first gets his hands handcuffed to the bed , chair while the other have his way with him.

His a big dude ;) wrestling with him is fun , but freaked his brother out when he walked in the living room seeing me and him " be a bit too rough " " kinda like Wrestling meets Live Porn "

He has a fetish which is one of my fav, he wears his business suit put on a song now a day its ( TREY SONGZ titled " Neighbors know my name " ) he does a strip dance for me , rarely happens when does his strip dance tease. " When he does it i know it gonna be a wild night " * wink *