(you didn't hear this from me) But HAARETZ NEWS printed this !! FOR MID EAST PEACE, Israel MUST CUT OFF U.S. JEWISH LOBBY (sorry for the caps SB, I couldn't resist)

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    Feb 06, 2012 6:20 AM GMT
    Yes you read it right, An Israeli News Agency Haaretz News printed this article: "FOR MIDEAST PEACE, ISRAEL MUST CUT OFF U.S. JEWISH "LOBBY. (otherwise known as AIPAC)

    SAY IT AINT SO !!! Says' LIL'AIPAC, (W4 used to be Ceaserea4) and JP, and a few Israel Firster Christian Fundi's like FreedomGeezer and SoCal. They'll be calling this writer a Jew Hater and the New Agency Self Hating jews.

    well back to the article: "The time has come to make a decision: If the goal is integration into the region, then it is essential to break away from teh Jewish Lobby." (AIPAC)

    Do take the time to GOOGLE this article, its well worth the read, and the writer goes into a shared beef of mine with Adelson using his money to influence outcomes on both sides of the 'big water'.

    more to come tomorrow.

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    Feb 06, 2012 5:32 PM GMT
    "We have a prime minister who was elected thanks mainly to donations from abroad. Some 98% of the donations that Netanyahu received for the LIKUD primaries of 2005 came from Foreign donors, most of them Americans. The phenomenon of raising money primarily from abroad repeated itself in last weeks LIKUD elections."

    The foreign tycoons do not make do merely with supporting a candidate. They also help the citizens of Israel choose the correct candidate with the aid of a partisan press. The AMERICAN BILLIONAIRE ADELSON who of course has a warm Jewish heart, determines the social and political agenda of Israel by means of a FAR RIGHT NEWSPAPER THAT HE FUNDS, which is DISTRIBUTED FREE. From Time to Time, we also hear reports of teh various kinds of perks the Prime minister enjoyes, provided by these same wealthey donors. The paradox here is that some of the representatives appointed by these wealthy men from abroad have the chutzpah to take action to stop funding from non partisan, civilian NGO's that contribute to society through human rights and pro democracy activities."

    The most incriminating info. is yet to come about the ISRAELI LOBBY AIPAC