That's just a link to fill in the details and for those who did read/reply.

So it's sort of been a while since then and things are actually good. I was able to talk about it without freaking out the slightest was surprised me.
I think maybe I built it up in my head more than what it was in reality so it was a good shock. I didn't really say how I felt initially as when we started talking about it, it was awkward a little at first but we went right into our usual funny conversations which made it heaps easy.
It wasn't too long ago too that I was able to actually meet up with the both of them for dinner and it again surprisingly wasn't as hard as I thought. It was probably an awkward start for me, but only for a short time before we were being our usual silly selves and it felt great.

Just thought to update anyone interested at all.
I'm just happy the friendship is still great.