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  • Robby31

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    Feb 08, 2012 9:10 PM GMT
    Ok, so as my profile pic indicates, im reasonably thin. I've gain a little muscle since I began weight training, but im not experiencing any noticeable growth lately it seems.

    I workout 6 days a week. I do moderate, short cardio for warming up, but I've cut out the majority of it for muscle gain. Workout wise my schedule is:

    Day 1: Legs, ass
    2 arms, chest, abs
    3 short cardio
    4 back, ass
    5 shoulders, chest, abs
    6 short cardio
    7 off

    Diet wise I consume Muscle Milk after my workouts (32 grams of protien) and I drink protein shakes regularly. I eat a good amount of food (i believe) and aim for protein and good carbs. I try adamantly to drink a lot of water, and my sleep varies between 6 and 8 1/2 hours. I've been wondering if im not eating enough food, but I swear I already feel like I'm going to be obese from all the eating I do.

    I feel like i'm stuck the way I am now, and I'm dying to get a hot, buff body like the jocks at my college are sporting.

    Anything critical I'm missing in my workout/diet? For those of you who have successfully went from thin to buff, how long did it take you? I know everyone is different, but maybe I'm just being too impatient. Or maybe my metabolism is screwing me over too much.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. icon_smile.gif
  • MikemikeMike

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    Feb 09, 2012 9:25 AM GMT
    At 19 you probably have a really high metabolism. I do as well. At 19 I was 5'8 144. In college it was hard for me to gain. I didn't put on size until I was 24. No matter how much I ate or trained. I used weight gainer and whey protein and had a really good diet for the most part, but I didn't stop growing in height till age 22. (5'11 now 180 31w.) I could do more push ups and chin ups than most men at 19. I refused to do steroids!! Now that I am older I can appreciate things so much more because I still look 10-15 yrs younger and my HS buddies, who look like shit for the most part. So many are bald or fat or just have aged really bad, many peaked at 18-22 and downhill since.

    At your age I always took care of my teeth and wore spf 15 daily, even in winter. Never a smoker or druggie. Be patient Robby your time will come. You have good proportion, good thighs. Take care of yourself focus on correct form, move up on weight gradually if you keep at it, size will come. I promise you that.
    Keep training!!! Find someone your size to work-out with. No more than 1 other person or it's a waste of time. Check out some of the workouts on this site. They have learned so much more on supplementation and advanced muscle confusion work-outs and various techniques.icon_idea.gif First book I ever got on fitness was Body For Life and I followed it and did put on size and got cut at the same time. I still love going to the gym and it has helped me improve greatly in sports and overall health. I can still beat 20 somethings in sports, team and individual.icon_smile.gif I recently took up kettlebell training, it's great.

    I don't think you should do chest and arms on the same dayicon_idea.gif.

    I always do 30 mins cardio first. minimun of 3 sets on each.
    M- arms Biceps, Tris, wrist curls skull crunches and abs
    Tues-Chest, back daytime -Vollyball league at night.
    Wed- Yoga class, Kettlebell workout.
    Thurs-Legs various/ lundge/ abs leg raises. Tough day!
    Fri-Shoulders abs
    Sat off gym- MMA/karate in the am. Did karate since age 13.
    Sun circuit training whole body HIIT. No cardio I sweat enough this day.
    I mix this schedule up a lot every 2 months so it's different. I also try to do various exercises for each body part so I don't get bored. I play volleball once a week and I wrestle/train once a week as well.
    Stay with it! Never say you don't have the time. I am just leaving work now and I will still lift later on today.
    Keep us all posted.
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    Feb 21, 2012 4:42 PM GMT
    Beginners will always attain fast results. Guys of shorter stature can even have the luxury of using the mirror to track their progress. After a certain while, even they have to weight themselves and measure their body fat to see if they are making any advance.

    For your current weight (and above all height), you won't have to wait forever to attain a reasonably bulky physique (though in bigorexic America this has another meaning). Assuming you want to gain, like, 25lbs, you can make that in 3 to 4 years.

    Responding your question, I gained 35lbs of lean mass since I started 4 years ago (I haven't updated my stats and photos here in a while), with gains starting to diminish in the 3rd year. Even with all this gain I have only managed to reach your current body mass index, which gives you an idea of the low point in which I started. I need to reach 210lbs because of my height. Assuming my current yearly gains will continue at its current pace of 7.9lbs (unlike my beginner's pace of 11lbs/year), I would take a little over 4 years for this (assuming no steroid use)
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    Feb 21, 2012 5:07 PM GMT
    Like you I started out a skinny stick (I was 125# at age 20) and gaining weight was damn near impossible for me it seemed. ANd this is taking into account I was a swimmer all through high school. While swimming helped with overcoming my asthma, it did not help in the muscle building department.

    Things I did to gain size:
    1) Discovered I wasn't eating near enough food. 3,000 calories or more per day and of clean food (i.e. non-McDonald's stuff) is way more food that it seems. So, I had to literally teach myself to eat more.

    2) more is less: Based on what you've posted, you are spending way too much time in the gym and are definately overtraining. I got my best growth results lifting three to four days per week 60 to 90 minutes per lift with no cardio (I got plenty of that being on my feet at work all day). Also, don't fall victim to the notion you can bulk and remain super cut at the same time, bodybuilders do one and then the other for a reason, and it works just as well for non-BBer's too. If you keep your diet clean you will still remain pretty cut as you add more mass.

    3) rep/set selections matters: Once I had a good foundation built doing the standard 10 reps stuff for a couple years and learning proper form (And i cannot emphasize the omportance of Form enough!) to all the exercises, I then changed my lifting to heavier weights at lower reps.

    4) Your routine should NEVER be routine: One error I made early on that stunted my growth was I did a routine and it became one. Your body adapts to things fairly quickly. The most effective method for keeping growht going is to keep your body guessing and having to adapt is to NOT do the same exercises at the same reps/set number in the same order every week. Change things up. Do heavy stuff for a few weeks, then lighten the load and do some high rep stuff. Don't always do B/B flat bench every week, use dumbbells one week, and so forth.
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    Feb 21, 2012 7:56 PM GMT
    Learn to mix your own eggnog and kick it back.