The Obama Directed February Tri-State Elections, Sexual Politics, and Romney

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    Feb 11, 2012 1:05 AM GMT
    Now that the over-all economic situation is perceived to be improving, social issues are front and center before an unsuspecting public mass of gullible Republican religious Mid-western kooks. One such powerful issue concerns the sex-negative patriarchal non-sense of Rick Insanatorium touting religious freedom from Obama’s recent media sponsored display “enforcing” contraception amongst religious organizations. There can be no question that sex and the patriarchal struggle for power played a key role in the temporary hold upon Romney’s momentum. Obviously, Obama’s brilliant strategy of dredging up the mandated healthcare issue of contraception prior to the tri-state elections was meant to emotionally charge a spiritually dumb majority that he himself once referred to as folks that “cling to guns or religion.” This in turn created a sense of gripping sex-negative hysteria that prompted an irrational vote for a candidate that would never be elected facing the incumbent. Thanks to a recent win for Insanatorium, Obama could not be happier with respect to his concern for the established support for the only electable candidate, Mitt Romney.

    My hats off to President Obama for this one! He has cleverly manipulated the majority of $piritually $tupid Repugnicans within Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado (no big surprise here). Now I suspect that the aforementioned mandated issue of contraception will continue within media for as long as few suspect manipulation in order to hold back Mitt Romney in Michigan and possibly beyond. In this regard, a subtle reference to Romney’s health care mandated program as the former governor of Massachusetts cannot be easily ignored by the less informed!

    Rick Insanatorium?

    As you may be aware, this pathetically inept candidate is none other than the ousted Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (see also Ricky is described as a rather modest mouse amongst the meek and at best, a witless political nit who believes that our dying world is neither populated enough with human beings, nor can it be influenced by over-industrialization! Worse, this anti-Darwinian Bartholian Dolt believes that global warming is nothing more than a conspiratorial hoax designed to benefit people like the former Vice President Al Gore! Insanatorium is also a First Century Catholic meaning that he is vehemently opposed to any and all forms of birth control, people with vaginas, sodomy (including prostate exams), insurrection, and heresy against the Holy See.

    As the simplest of minds can at once project, Rick Insanatorium has absolutely NO CHANCE of winning against a more RATIONAL and intellectually superior President Obama within a national election.
    Clearly, any vote for Ricky Insanatorium is nothing more than a vote veiled by and for Obama.

    What Then of Mitt Romney?

    As the only concern for the incumbent camp in 2012, the former successful Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will methodically collect a majority of delegates. As the eventual Republican nominee, he will remain a concern especially for those mindless yippies now withdrawing from Obama’s hopium for the masses coupled with an ever growing insufficiency of tax-payer spare change.
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    Feb 11, 2012 3:09 AM GMT
    I prefer "Rick Inasanitorium"
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    Feb 12, 2012 2:26 AM GMT