Bombs target Isreali diplomats in India & Georgia, BIBI blames Iran >> Let the Mossad false flag ops' begin.

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    Feb 13, 2012 3:15 PM GMT
    This according to the Washington Post:

    "The wife of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi and her driver were injured on Monday when the car they were traveling in was bombed, officials said. A second attempted bombing was defused outside the Israeli embassy in Tiblisi, Georgia, at about the same time."

    "no immediate claim of repsonsiblilty for the attacks. Netanyahu (Bibi) immediately blamed Iran, which has vowed revenge for recent assassinations of several scientists involved in Iran's controversial nuclear program."

    Bibi said, "Iran, which is behind these attacks, is the greatest exporter of terror in the world," He "offered no evidence for his claim"

    This accusation after Last weeks ABC interview with Officials from Israel who stated unequivacably that "ISRAEL'S MOSSAD was behind the assassinations of the Iranian Scientists, having trained Iranian dissidents" Isn't it interesting that most of supposed attempts by Iran to bomb Israeli officials cars are either dissarmed ahead of time or only produce minor damage, Mossad False Flag Ops more than likely because Iran is plenty capable of bombing anything it wants to. The Mossad motto "By deceit we shall wage war" comes to mind. Look up their history and its a sordid one indeed.

    Read from Israeli sites such as Haaretz News, Jewish Daily Forward, Jewish writers M J Rosenberg and Max Bloomenthal, as well as Global Research. Com, and its plain as the nose on our faces that Israel is doing its level best to provoke war with Iran and to bring in the US Military into their war of choice.

    Israel wants war, will it succeed in drawing the US into war ?

    The American Christian Fundi's are playing the 'USEFULL IDIOT' part very well, including their chosen Repub Presidential candidates who all back Israel's 'godly' war for its 'security', and are putting on pressure for the US to get into a war with Iran
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    Feb 13, 2012 3:51 PM GMT
    Geopolitics of nations are sometimes more complicated than they seem. Does Israel want war with Iran? Probably not. But both the US and Israel want to "disarm" the Iranian nuclear build-up. So either the US or Israel might actually do something more drastic than merely assassinating Iranian scientists, as Israel has done so far. Bombing embassies in 3rd world countries is relatively easy, so Iran (or its proxies) will probably continue to do so. (The Syrian rebels should take a hint and start assassinating Syrians abroad, too, as the Syrian government continues to target families of Syrians abroad). But maybe Iran does not even want to have a bomb which they can never use (remember the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction? Still operative.) Maybe the Iranian government is only trying to get patriotic support from its populace, which of course, will rally even behind despots, if patriotism is involved. So it continues to "work" on making a bomb which it will never complete. Who knows?
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    Feb 13, 2012 4:34 PM GMT
    Well. frankly I agree with a Jewish writer on Israel's Haaretz News. "Iran is not cuicidal, they know Israel has up to 200 nukes, and they aren't about to bomb Israel". Like you say there is much more behind this.

    The US has been seeking to control those Middle East Country's over their oil for decades, notice that the common issue which each of the 'axis of evil' group, is that those country's started selling their oil in other than US Dollar currencies which messed up US/Western Control. Only after they took the action against the Western Dollar control of their own Oil sales did we start hearing about how bad these country's were.

    Read from, We have interfered in Iranian Affairs since back in the 50's when the CIA orchestrated a Coup to remove the Democratically elected leader to put in our pick the shah who had a terrible record of abuse of his people, far worse than since 1979 under Iatollah leadership. But we never read about that in the US did we.

    This Nuclear bomb threat from Iran is just smoke and mirrors just like Iraq's WMD's was, its all a cover to gain control of the oil resources and Israel is playing a huge part in the game.

    Thing is, wouldn't we be far ahead with spending our time, efforts, blood and treasure on becoming far more independent from Middle East Oil than by attempting to maintain the status quo ? Look what Iraq and Afghanistan has cost us, now with Iran we are risking a terrible conflagration, because China for one gets a lot of its oil from Iran, Russia won't be just quietly standing by either. The US is not financially nor militarily able to take on everybody to keep gaining more and more control. Control of one more Country like Iran is not worth all this risk.

    Also read Haaretz News articles where there are numorous writings against this war. Of Course there are plenty of Neo Cons wanting the war, but most of them are arm chair Chicken Hawks who won't be in the war nor have their sons in a war, kinda like Romney's sons.

    War on Iran is a very very bad Idea.
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    Feb 14, 2012 12:11 AM GMT
    Here are a few comments of International Readers on Haaretz News on this subject of Netanyahu (Bibi) blaming Iran for the alleged bombing against Israeli's abroad. It shows the results of the Israeli's yelling wolf so damn much that few believe them. The have been actively Isolating themselves by their actions. Here's what some of the international response is:

    First though !!! Out of 28 comments today there were only 4 or 5 pro Israel comments on this subject. This is what being the first party out with the lies, blaiming the actual victim, then calling them the lier when they defend themselves with the truth, it eventually backfires for you in the worlds eyes. So goes Israel's leadership. Israel itself nor its citizens is to blame.

    1. "Haim" wrote "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW"

    2, "Bredd" wrote "Oh Netanyahu who do you think carry out bombings against scientists? NOT ISRAEL ? STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE"

    3. "Gregg" wrote, "So ? Who is behind the killing of Iranian scientists ? HYPOCRITE !!! "

    4. "Joe USA" wrote "Bibi the detective, Minutes after any incident, Bibi is already blaming so and so for it. But when it comes to Israeli crimes, Years of Investigations come up with inconclusive evidence and the culprits got free. AMAZING"

    and these were just a sampling of the milder ones.
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    Feb 14, 2012 3:24 AM GMT
    Abdul commented: "How do you know, it's the Iranians ? What about the innocent scientists killed in Iran ? They have families, Israel is the biggest terrorist country in the modern world, you people are like ___ killing little babies and women in Palestine and Lebanon. Do you know why you do this ?

    ChaturaiNew Delhi commented: "Considering the guys on bike spoke Arabic, had no beards, and did this the day after a Hezbollah commader was assassinated, I think its fair to assume it was not Iran. ?
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    Feb 14, 2012 5:48 PM GMT
    looks more and more like Iran/Hezbollah have a hand in a string of attacks.
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    Feb 14, 2012 6:45 PM GMT
    tailgater_3 saidlooks more and more like Iran/Hezbollah have a hand in a string of attacks.


    Its hard to tell from where this blowback is coming from. Israel's Mossad has been working on quite a number of assassinations over the last several decades. This could be a false flag OP too, using some patsy to take the fall.

    Remember Iran was accused of training the Iraqies in terrorist bombing, as I recall usually there was just a hole in the ground left when done. As several commenters noted on Haaretz News, Its strange that so little damage was done, it could easily be a false flag OP just to keep pressuring/instigating for war with Iran. The Mossad is good for that, and remember too that the Mossad, the CIA and Etc. have been implicated in Syria shooting civilians and funding insurgents to stir up trouble much as was done in Lybia.

    At any rate you can bet that the US is working right along side for interference in the middle east for control of resources purposes. The world is catching on and this won't go on forever, Blowback is bound to come our's and Israel's way, then we'll both holler 'terrorism' and decry it with the grandest shows of hypocrisy.
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    Feb 15, 2012 3:41 AM GMT
    Here's a few more comments from the International community, that show the results of YELLING WOLF SO MANY TIMES THAT PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE YOU WHEN A REAL WOLF DOES SHOW UP.

    "Brainiac' wrote, "yes it's true....... If the US verifies it. Remember Saddam was going to 'vaporize' freedom, liberty and shopping malls in under 30 minutes."

    "Moshe - Haifa, Israel, wrote, "What proof does the US have that Iran is behind this? There are many many groups around the world that would love to commit acts like this against Israel and America, Hamas, Al Quida, Hissbulah, just to mention a few. But since Iran is developing a neuclear program, they are immediately the ones that the American and Israeli government blame."

    When are we going to be hearing for the calls for the Israeli's to submit their Nuke program to inspection ? They've been threatening Iran and other of their neighbors for decades, even spreading mistranslations about supposed threats from Iran, just another case of lieing then yelling wolf. Too many are seeing through this bullshit for it to be believed without closer 'inspection'.

    War is the goal of these Neo Cons who are now preparing all the supposed reasons they can trump up, just as was done with Iraq.
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    Feb 16, 2012 2:42 PM GMT
    Now there is an Article on Haaretz news regarding the Mossad Chief of OP's visiting India about a week before the 'supposed' strikes by Iran. This gives another good example of how the world is reacting to yet another yelling by Israeli's WOLF !!! WOLF !!!!! so many times the world doesn't believe them.

    Of 24 comments, 3 are pro Israel's Mossad and etc. 3 are neutral and the balance point to verying opinions that Israel's Mossad was behind this as a false flag OP for the purpose of putting more pressure on to bomb Iran. VERY FEW BUY THIS STORY.

    Look it up on Haaretz News and read the reaction for yourself.