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    Feb 16, 2012 7:36 AM GMT
    Although this post wasn't directed to me, I wanted to separate it and answer it personally:

    Cash said
    I don't understand guys who spend most of their waking hours on-line only to say it doesn't matter. If that is a primary social resource for so many guys - then have a little respect for it. These are the same guys who are terrified to go to a bar, have no idea how to actually TALK to anyone, and ultimately have socially handicapped themselves.

    I agree with all you said here. It really motivated me to look at myself and realize depending on fake guys online to be real is unreal.

    but it isn't just about that though. It's not that a person can't or doesn't know how to talk to people.

    My thing is going out to bars often, I always seem to drink more than I planned. It's like, I planned to have a good time, but sometimes its TOO good of a time, but it's very superficial. Or I'll go home with a guy that I probably had reservations about while I was sober, but go along with when I'm buzzed. By the next day, a fun night at the bar can wind you up with the wrong person, or you may have met people but not have made a real connection with anyone. Not that you HAVE to connect everytime you go out. But then you have a 'going out' bill every week of about $50 (although I usually get by on like $20 cause I don't pay cover in cities that close their doors at 1:40 am lol) and what have you accomplished other than getting drunk and meeting a bunch of duds, which I think accounts for a large % of the bar crowd? I personally don't have the desire to do that every single week, so online can be a 'safe' haven from that.

    However, when push comes to shove, meeting up in person at bars IMO is way more fun. Online is even MORE superficial. I know I look good. But online I'm overlooked, after a few weeks the responses go down and it's just a very repetitive, same guys week in, week out. The same old farts from last year keep on messaging me every time I get online, even after I have CLEARLY let them know I'm not interested. Nobody new has messaged me in this town. It can be a very depressing, claustrophobic way of living which is why I force myself to go out atleast every other week or more.

    I spend a lot of time online, but at the same time if I choose to go out, I can gladly hold my own...even if it means going out by myself. When I'm alone, I meet someone new every time. I've been meeting so many fakes online; guys who talk about meeting and then cancel at the last minute: that I have lost the will and motivation and courage to use these sites and I have no choice but to go to bars now.
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