This is a message all my Aussie mates in same sex relationships.

Just passing on a message from GetUp
This coming Tuesday, the Prime Minister will be sitting down to dinner with three same-sex couples, thanks to GetUp members' winning auction bid last year. The PM will hear first-hand from committed and loving couples who simply want the same right and recognition afforded to most Australians: marriage.

While there are only six spots at the dinner table, we know - and want to show - that this issue touches the lives of LGBTI couples and their families throughout the country. So even if you're not at the dinner yourself, you can still be there.

Simply reply to by Sunday with a photo and a message of support for marriage equality and we'll compile an album with your stories and photos that will be hand delivered to the PM at Tuesday's dinner.

This week, over 3000 Valentine's Day roses sent by GetUp members were delivered to MPs to once again show community support throughout the country for marriage equality. And just a few days from now, we have yet another chance to show that support and make clear: it's time for marriage equality.

Have a special photo of you and your partner? Perhaps a family photo with a message of hope for a son, daughter, brother or sister who hopes to have their relationship recognised someday? Or perhaps a good friend who doesn't get the same relationship recognition as do you and your partner, simply because of whom they love?

"reply" to to send in your photo and message and we'll make sure the PM sees it next week.

Your picture will join Sharon and Elaine, John and Steve, and Sandy and Louise, as they share dinner with the PM!