I never use to be one who loves cuddling cause i get to hot (Reason why i sleep naked) until we moved to a different town that seem to be cooler than what i am used to. So last night while i was sleeping i cuddled up to my partner in the "spooning position" and it just so happened that he was hard at the time. Man oh man did that feel good when he gave a gentle thrust that cause his throbbing head to be positioned between my cheeks (not penetrating me).Instinctively he wrapped his arms around me and every now and than he would give a gentle thrust that made me feel how his head was throbbing untill he eventually became flaccid. We both woke up this morning with big smiles on our faces.It made me realise what i have been missing out on all this time. Not only did it feel good sexually but it feels like the bond between us has been taken to a new level.