Hi there, new to the forum and new to the life I guess. I mean I've known I liked guys for years but no one knows about it, and never even went after a guy before (except sucky websites that led to nothing but time wasting).

Anyway enough of all that crap, I wanted to hear from more pro guys on their advice on this: I want to know how to talk to guys. Like even to be just friends (nothing sexual) and maybe be flirty.

Why do I want to know all of this? Well I have like no really good guy friends that I can call my best friend and it normally stems from either me thinking/hoping it'd be something more which tends to steer a straight guy away or me being too much for the guy (acting too different than the norm).

So how do you approach a guy you don't know to well, like in school, and start to talk to them about things? I'm really hoping to get better guy friends because it sometimes gets lonely.

Also, how do you talk to someone you know is gay or curious but don't want to reveal yourself or get them freaked out (the guy is definitely in the closet and cannot come out, super popular).