New gym, new personal trainer - what do you think?

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    Feb 25, 2012 8:14 PM GMT
    This is what's been going on with me and my efforts to be more in shape and lose weight.

    After being a member of a gym for about 2 years, and having a trainer for a year and a half on a casual basis (probably only had 6-7 sessions) I became bored, unmotivated, and my trainer became unprofessional w/appointments in my time of lack of motivation - really didn't help me.

    So, a week ago I signed up at a smaller gym, not a chain, and it's focus is really on personal training - yes, some go just to work out on their own, but most people buy a training package - so I was told.

    Today was my first session - in the morning. What I experienced today was unlike my last gym/trainer in every way possible and I'm not sure if it was good or bad.

    With trainer #1, he stayed with me for the most part - occasionally talking to other members, but he did keep time in between sets, and would watch to make sure I was holding weights correctly. His sessions were an hour - both cardio and weight training were involved.

    With trainer #2, today, she worked with multiple people at one time - while I did one set of exercises, she would move and give someone else an exercise/machine to do - and she would go back and forth. This was odd to me - not so much that she had multiple clients at one time, but I did not do 3 sets at one machine, and then 3 at another like I was used to - I kept going to same 3 machines for 30 minutes. This technique was different from what I was used to.

    I made a mistake of only eating some greek yogurt before my workout - towards the end of my session (which was 30 minutes), I had to stop. I was seeing spots, felt dizzy, nauseous, and felt like I might pass out. I haven't worked out like that in over a month. The trainer gave me a small piece of dark chocolate to get my blood sugar back up which made me want to throw-up! That was the end of my first session - I was embarrassed but I was told it happens to everyone and that I should just eat more before working out. I have never felt like this before during a work out but never had one on a Saturday morning either - usually they were after work at night where I had more food beforehand.

    I have another session on Tuesday night and I hope it goes well! I'll be seeing someone different as well. Maybe I just need to start out slower.

    I don't have a good knowledge of what a trainer should be...I just hope I have made the right choice and that I get better with the next session.
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    Feb 25, 2012 11:34 PM GMT
    For me, a private trainer runs about $60 an hour. I made no attempt at fitness until I turned 35 and have a lot of learning to do. Having someone there helps me with form and enables me to push myself further for better results. I told mine "make me vomit" on the first day and its worked out.

    If your new gym is costing you more than $25 an hour for this "shared" concept, good for them. But, I think you're getting hosed. Especially if you spend part of that time on a cardio machine while they just stand there and watch you.

    {edit] You aren't getting personal training, you are part of a group class.

    A lot of my stomach problems cleared up after I dropped to 240lbs at 6'2" for a BMI of 20% or less.

    I haven't tried greek yogurt before a workout.. About a decade ago, I had a duodenal ulcer. My gastroenterologist gave me a list of things I should avoid until it healed. Dairy products and chocolate were high on the list.

    I have had great results with a protein drink carton (find those in "low-carb" form at big-box stores) or an energy bar about an hour before the workout.

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    Feb 26, 2012 9:10 PM GMT
    Thanks for the response. I actually didn't pay much - I paid $160 for 8 sessions plus an extra 2 for free. Keep in mind that I will not work with the same person each time.

    I'm not happy at the moment with my choice and I think I should have thought about it more before just jumping in and buying the package - luckily it wasn't extremely pricey.

    My first trainer talked during my workout explaining what I was doing, making sure I was doing it right and wrote down my work out so that I was able to do it on my own in between sessions. I received nothing from the new person. While I was upset with my old gym, I should have given my first trainer another chance.

    I'm disappointed so far with the my choice, but after the 9 more sessions depending how it goes, I may be going back to my first gym.

    As far as watching me do cardio - I paid my first trainer $30.00 for a hour(very cheap) and while we did weight training for approx: 45 minutes - he also kept an eye on my cardio - not the whole time, but he did check in.

    The training is only a half hour in the new gym - no cardio involved.
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    Feb 26, 2012 10:37 PM GMT
    Ah. One way to look at this is results compared to sticking with a 1-on-1 private trainer are delayed.

    As long as you aren't in a hurry, starting a relationship, getting bikini ready, or scheduled to star in a gladiator movie, you may as well finish the package.

    If they aren't pushing you to physical exhaustion, how often are you allowed to do this during a week? Just do it more often. icon_cool.gif

    BTW: sometimes I wish mine were half hour twice as often... After about 40 minutes of all the other stuff, "ok, now do 4 sets of crunches.."


    Link27 saidThanks for the response. I actually didn't pay much - I paid $160 for 8 sessions plus an extra 2 for free. Keep in mind that I will not work with the same person each time.