Gay Domestic violence : sometimes i hear about it , if it happens to u , do u think u would be the victim in it ?

  • MarcBodybuild...

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    Feb 28, 2012 2:24 PM GMT
    Nah ............hell to the noooooooooooooooooooo!!! first of all im pretty mellow, i only hit back if u try to either attack me or attack my guy, or my buds.

    I spoke with some gay guys on the issue on gay domestic violence between couples, from what i hear it can get pretty bad , black n blue injuries, broken bones.

    Last i heard there were 2 famous porn actors that really got into it.... damn !

    did this kind of things happened to u ? or almost happened

    as for me, nah cause 1. i maybe a fighter, but a lover first, cuddler 2nd, and being a fighter would be third icon_wink.gif
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    Feb 28, 2012 2:33 PM GMT
    If you resort to raising your hand to anyone then you've lost control.

    We all get angry, and believe me there's been many a time I have wanted to smack my partner (and hard). But I consider myself an intelligent, respectful guy and would never want to hurt him or resort to physical violence.

    Once you've raised your hand to your partner, then the relationship has changed and you can't hope to get it back to what it was.

    Domestic violence is usually a symptom of an abusive relationship, where control and lack of control have become issues over a period of time and arguments have escalated into something physical.

    As an adult, you should be able to control yourself and not have to resort to violence, whatever the provocation.

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    Feb 28, 2012 2:57 PM GMT
    MarcBodybuilding saiddid this kind of things happened to u ? or almost happened

    Yes. A BF with whom I lived had a higher sex drive than me, always a bad combination. If I wasn't interested in his overtures at that exact moment when he approached me (which often came at awkward times, both emotionally & physically for me) he would fly into a rage.

    One time he grabbed my arms in the kitchen and started violently shaking me, screaming at me. Much stronger than me he literally had me pinned in a corner. With no other weapons to use I defiantly "ordered" him to let me go and back off, in my strongest Army command voice. It momentarily stunned him, and I slipped out of his grasp.

    I went into my bedroom and threw on a jacket, exiting by my own outside door. He didn't follow me, and I walked for quite a while in snowy streets, crying the whole time, realizing this was the end of our relationship.

    And I really liked the guy, I would have truly loved him if he had returned it. But I am not suited to being a victim of domestic violence. After about 2 hours I returned, hoping he'd be calmed down (he was), my mind made up what I had to do. When I undressed that night I found large dark bruises on both my upper arms where he had grabbed me.

    As soon as I could make arrangements I moved out. I didn't tell him, fearing even more violence. I waited until he was some 200 miles away visiting a family member for a few days. When he returned I was gone. I left some of my furniture behind, it wasn't that important to me.

    He phoned me and I told him where I was, not far away. I figured I'd eventually run across him again anyway, and he deserved an explanation. He begged me to return, but I never did. That's the yo-yo syndrome so symptomatic of domestic violence, and I wasn't going to get drawn into that.