help me spend $8k in Thailand.. wisely

  • kolkii

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    Mar 03, 2012 1:40 AM GMT
    hi all,

    my company just gave me a free trip anywhere on their dime for job well done this year..

    being the cheap ass that i am, i booked a really cheap week trip for $980 USD to Thailand (never been).

    i forwarded my itinerary to AP, only to have my boss laugh at my cheap ass, as he expected me to book an all inclusive resort (moreso across the Atlantic as opposed to much cheaper SE Asia) ..

    he then let me know I have about another $8k to use for "shopping and incidentals" as what was designated for my trip was $9kUSD total. I can't cash the difference as it goes against the gift's spirit and it has to be spent on me (so he can use that, when he works me even harder this year)..

    my gal pal is already coming so I will be paying for much of our (cheap) drinks/food/spa and she has denied money for her flight/hotels..

    I am really a no frills, cheap ass to the core...

    ...that said what are some things I can buy in Thailand under the guise of "shopping," so my company will expense, then I can easily resell once back in the States to go around my work's policy of "must spend on myself."

    I was gonna get a bunch of macbooks, but 3 of them would seem too obvious its not for me, and I don't want to lug them on carry on (for VAT refunds) at Bangkok Airport...

    also Macbooks actually seem more expensive in Thailand than US, so what are some objects (hopefully small, to carry back in the States), that I can easily resell here...

    I hear Thailand has a leg up on gold and gem prices due to cheap labor, and great resources, but I'm not sure how the selling process would be Stateside.. ie I doubt I can post that on Craigslist with as quick success as a Macbook which anyone can easily verify with barcode and a quick phone call to Apple...

    anyone have further insight on Thailand?

    thanks a baht!!
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    Mar 03, 2012 2:09 AM GMT
    Boy whores



    More boy whores

    Money problem solved.
  • kolkii

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    Mar 03, 2012 2:20 AM GMT
    Ariodante saidBoy whores



    More boy whores

    Money problem solved.

    haha i live in hell's kitchen, land of boy whores..

    Midtown NYC living + Grindr = new slut 47 feet every other night so I'm all sexed out lol.

    Plus I'm trying to net the money heh.
  • kolkii

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    Mar 03, 2012 2:58 AM GMT
    theantijock said

    no thanks!

    i can't speak for these orgs but I only give to AUDITED 501c3's..

    especially after that "charity" debacle where the Administrator was taking home close to half a million $$$ icon_cool.gif

    oh and Kiva, since less overhead! icon_smile.gif
  • trevchaser

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    Mar 03, 2012 10:49 AM GMT
    Money is money.....

    Don't let "having" to spend $8K make you act different than the way you are. Some people can spend $50K in one night. Some people can spend 50 cents in one night. Each of those people can end up either super happy or super depressed.

    If you're into giving to the needy, I'm sure there are some very hard working folk there that you have used their service that can use an extra bit. Get massages everyday!! If you're a guy who buys lots of "stuff" then do that. If you're just a cheap ass, then do that!

    Just make sure the trip doesn't get ruined because you had to spend a certain amount of money. Don't put yourself in any situation where you could be disrespected. Be yourself, enjoy your friend's company, and make memories!
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    Mar 03, 2012 10:51 AM GMT
    Get in trouble with the law.

    Money problem solved. icon_lol.gif
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    Mar 03, 2012 1:29 PM GMT
    Thailand has inexpensive up-to date, top noch, private medical services
    - teeth whitening and other dental care
    - plastic or reconstructive surgery
    - skin treatments both surgical and non surgical to get rid of scars, even out skin tone, clear up acne, dermibration etc.
    - lasik vision correction and other eye surgeries to improve vision
    - quit smoking programs

    and practically any other medical procedure you can think of.....even a sex change operationicon_sad.gif

    google it