"Straight" Guys

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    Mar 04, 2012 12:54 AM GMT
    OK, I'll try my best to post this and not sound utterly stupid and hopeless so please only serious responses!

    I dunno if you guys believe in it or not, but sometimes you feel when a guy is most likely gay... the gaydar is the term I guess. Well I've come across a few guys in my life who I believe could be gay/curious/bi whatever but they all identify as straight.

    Now I'll give some examples, the first guy was in my class and I'd see him sometimes staring at me and he'd talk to me even though I was more of a loner/not one of the 'in crowd' while he was, sometimes if our hands touched by accident on a table we were both at he wouldn't instantly move it away, he was generally nice to me and always used to say my name when I'd walk by him in the hallway and smile, and he'd do some other stuff that'd make me think he was into me. One day I just decided to ask him, but when I went in I quickly changed the question to something that obviously was not what I was going to ask him then he was like if I was going to ask him something else and I was like no and he walked off, yelling "You're acting like I'm gay or something." I eventually asked him if he liked me and he got all defensive and said he wasn't gay etc. but surprisingly he wasn't mad at me or giving me the cold shoulder or anything. It's been a few years and he's got a girlfriend now so I dunno.

    This next guy trains in the same gym as me. And well he and I are totally different but sometimes after he does a set, and he's taking a little breather and I'd look at him and he notices he'd immediately start hitting a punching bag or something with some fancy looking moves. Going back to the us being completely different (in likes etc) the moment that we happen to get on a topic that we can discuss we end up talking for a while. He identifies as straight but the weird thing is that one time he happened to say something like 'fucking fags' when passing a supposed gay bar but then a later date he's like he's OK with gays. Odd, dunno what to think about that one but I get a vibe from him.

    And finally, this is the one immediate help is needed on. A guy from school, he's like the most popular guy and like always active in school stuff, so he's loved by everyone and whatnot I heard from an extremely reliable source that he gave a blowjob to someone and that he was curious. Of course, he is 'straight' to everyone but I have noticed him looking at me although we're not in the same class except for one and in that one he moved to sit behind me and I sit one row from the back. Since I know he's done something gay before and is curious, how should I approach this guy?

    Uh sorry for bringing lame in the closet stuff on here but advice would be really helpful from you guys. The RJ guys are way different than the idiots and stuck up bitches I find on those other gay sites and I really like it here and trust you guys so your advice and words really matter to me!
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    Mar 04, 2012 6:05 AM GMT
    Hi Mark,

    "I've come across a few guys in my life who I believe could be gay/curious/bi whatever but they all identify as straight."

    Then I feel you must accept them as such, and honour them this way (their self descriptions) as you would want them to honour yours. icon_wink.gif

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    Mar 05, 2012 11:09 PM GMT
    AMoonHawk saidAdvice on the third guy .. just approach with the thought of becoming friends. You don't know if rumors are true or not and if he is interested it will be easy to become friends and more. Ask him if he wants to go out for a burger or coffee or a drink or shoot some pool or if he' like to get together and study .. test time is a perfect opportunity ... If he says no or makes excuses ... just keep cool and say ok, maybe another time ... if he says yes, you are on your way to becoming friends or maybe more. Forget 1 and 2.

    Yeah that's what I thought too but he's only in one of my classes so it's kinda hard and whenever I see him around he's surrounded by people.

    Thanks for the advice, I have decided that if they don't want to be anything more and want to be identified as straight then so be it.