No field for orientation? Outness?

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    Jul 31, 2007 7:33 PM GMT
    This was something I *JUST* realized isn't available here - sorry, I can be slow sometimes!

    I was just noting this though after looking at someone's profile where they also give their myspace address and list themselves there as 'straight'. That got me to thinking, there's quite a few guys on here who seem to identify as bi or 'curious/questioning.' And then there are the guys who are trying to be 'discrete' and what have you because they're married to a woman or just coming out.

    I'm kinda surprised that these aren't options. Anyone else wondered about these and think it should be included?
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    Aug 01, 2007 12:37 AM GMT
    I denfinitely think they should be included.
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    Aug 01, 2007 12:29 PM GMT

    RealJock:Gay fitness community

    I'm bi, but i'm not worried who knows about. The niciest thing about this site is that, even tho its a GAY fitness community its non-exclusionary. There are no gay only fitness techniques, or no ways for gay people to run a marathon, its all the same.

    In fact the advice here is no bullshit, do the work, get results, see the improvements. The fact that its a gay community just brings gay orientated people together with similar interests.

    I don't think it makes a difference to the size of you pecs if your gay/bi/straight/open-minded/married and cheating on your wife.

    In fact the label only serves to segregate even further.
  • gymingit

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    Aug 01, 2007 7:52 PM GMT
    I have to agree with Surfwarrior. It's REALJOCK Gay Fitness Community and although you may or may not consider it a pick up site or consider yourself gay, straight, bi etc..., I have promoted this site to all my friends stating that the site itself is one of the most informative gay sites on the web.

    The instructional information being provided and the forums in which we can voice opinion and receive advice in all areas, not just fitness, makes this a very rare site in the gay community. You can almost consider this community a support group of all sorts. I praise the guys that developed this site and pray that it stays around for a long while.

    I guess I'm saying, it is what it is..... and even if someone is straight, they knew what site they were joining.

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    Aug 01, 2007 7:56 PM GMT
    agree w/ surf and gyming.
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    Aug 02, 2007 12:52 AM GMT
    Oh come on. Yes RealJock is primarily a fitness site, but if this site wasn't even partly about hooking up, why is there a "Position:" field? I would like to see RealJock continue to focus on athletic pursuits the way it does now, but many people use the forums to discuss relationships and sexuality, which is condoned by the site operators.
  • MarkX

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    Aug 02, 2007 3:26 AM GMT
    Personally, I'm just a little in awe of the insight, compassion and solidarity often expressed by RealJock members, not to mention the solid research behind much of the fitness advice.

    Wild applause to RealJock for supporting a forum that offers the perspective of masculine gay men whoa are not specifically into the leather scene. While I respect the hell out of the various self-identified subcultures, RealJock more closely represents my own interests, so I appreciate not only the fitness tips, but also being involved, if only on-line, in a greater gay male community, including their thoughts on relationship issues and fashion blunders. (I mean, we ARE still gay, after all.)

    I hadn't thoguht about open-minded straight men, et al, being drawn to this site. If that's the case, more power to RealJock for being inclusive and interesting to men/others of all orientations.

    So I'm kind of glad there's not an orientation or outness field. Then again, I'm indifferent about the top/bottom designation, so it's really just one man's opinion after all.
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    Aug 02, 2007 12:24 PM GMT
    Surf, I understand your point but as ducky pointed out, there's other categories not having anything to do with fitness that are available - position, safer sex, HIV status, etc.

    And clearly there is plenty of activity on the forums that goes beyond "tell me how to do better bicep curls". There have been plenty of discussions by, for, and about closeted, semi-closeted, just coming out, bi, straight-but-like-a-little-ass-on-the-side guys going on....And chat?! Geez, last night it was like girls gone wild with some girl flashing her tits to much encouragement from a couple of guys!

    Like I said, I hadn't particularly cared one way or the other - it was just something that recently dawned on me because it WASN'T available as an option.
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    Aug 02, 2007 8:00 PM GMT
    Hey I'd be all for getting rid of the Position/Status/Safe Sex questions. I personally don't think they're necessary as we are a fitness community not a hookup community. I've noticed that there is a slow progression towards orienting the site more and more towards fitness and less towards the general personals gay site. The chat was restricted, adult pictures have been resigned to the private photos, ect. I'm sure that there will always people who use this site for sexual purposes, but I could name about a dozen other gay personals/sex sites out there, so I'm all for trying to differentiate realjock from the others as much as possible.

    And I'm sorry, but if you're on a site who's title is Real Jock: Gay Fitness Community, you're pretty much assumed to love the mangina.