Chinese Crazy Dad Bit off His 5-Year-Old

Could a father bite off his 5-year-old son's penis just because the latter rejected to have a "blow job" for him? It sounds so incredible but absolutely true!

This horrible tragedy happened in the city of Shen Zhen, a major city in the south of Southern China's Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. At the 10 AM or so of March 7th, on the road outside the Hua Yi School of Sha Jing Citizen Square.

According to a witness, there were three naked persons walking on the road, the male seems psychotic and walked vacillating and staggering, the other two persons seems like his underage son and daughter. The father looks like 30-year-old or so, and the little girl packaged herself only by a blanket. They was all sitting at the sidewalk.

"The father ordered the little boy to suck his genital, but the child was too scared to do this. Then the man picked the boy up and bit off his genital."

According to the witness, the boy cried loudly just after his penis was bit off, it was the safeguard nearby came up and seperated the father and the son, then he packaged the boy's genital with a piece of napkin paper, and dialed 120 and 110. Soon came the ambulance, the medical workders toke away the bleeding boy with his broken genital, and the police car marched the cruel father away.


On the noon of March 7th, the reporter saw the injured little boy at the Emergency Department of Sha Jing People Hospital. The poor boy looks pale with the bleeding gauze covering his private part. According the doctor, the boy's bitten off genital had been preserved properly, but given the difficulty of the surgery, the hospital was helping him to transfer to another hospital.

During the course of the interview of the reporter, there was no relative of the boy appear from the beginning to the end. Then the boy was transfered to the Hospital of Bei Da Shen Zhen to accept further medical treatment. In the Urinary Department at the 8th floor of the Inpatient Department of the hospital, the boy looks very weak in the sickbed.

According to the nurse, after the boy was sent to the hospital, there was no family member to accompany him. The only person to accompany him are the doctors and the policemen. When the policeman tried to aske something about his family, the boy almost answered nothing except 'i have seen my mum before'.

According to an anonymous doctor in the Hospital of Bei Da Shen Zhen, the little boy's penis was totally broken off, he was in imminent danger.


In the afternoon of March 7th, the police of the Bao An district of Shen Zhen declared that, in the moring of the same day, the suspect who's surname is Yu (male, 35-year-old, from Si Chuan Province, unemployed) bit off his son's (5-year-old) genital at Sha Jin of Bao An district. When the policemen arrived in the scene, they arrested Yu. After the rescue of the hospital, Yu's son has been out of danger.

According to the preliminary investigation, Yu has divorced and was living with his two children by himself (another one is a two and half year old daughter). According to Yu, he owns the bank more than RMB 20,000 Yuan (1 Pound= 9.99 Yuan), and is not able to pay off the debt. The police doubts that Yu is suffering psychosis (mental disorder), and has sent him to Kang Ning Hospital, a lunatic asylum in Shen Zhen. His little daughter is adopted by his brother for the time being.

*the psychological effect is more than the physical effect

According to Mr Xu Wan Hua, the head of the Urinary Surgical Department of Shen Zhen's Children Hospital, the injured positions of the boy include three parts, i.e., foreskin, urethra and cavernous body, this is the most serious case he had met. "He need the replantation operation, re-connecting the seperated parts by the microsurgery operation." Xu said. If the surgery is successful, the boy's future life would be less effected; But if the surgery is failed and the re-connected organ couldn't survive, then the boy's future life, both the urination and the sexual growth, would be seriously effected.

According to Dr Xu, even the organ fortunately survives after the operation, if the urethral becomes too narrow after repair, it still need several more times of medical treatment in order to enlarge it. And these treatment costs lots of money, "much more than 10,000 or 20,000 Yuan".

Compared with the physical effect to the poor boy, Dr. Xu worries more about the psychological effect to him. "This incident may cause the long term psycholgy shade to the child, and would produce more negative effect as he grows up in the future." Xu said, Shen Zhen's Children Hospital has admitted more than 160 cases of penis trauma of little boy, but they have never meet such a serious case like this.