Recently reported (old news, but the Santorum connection made it topical again) that Santorum was a keynote speaker at a meeting of Regnum Christi, when the infamous child molester head of the order, Fr. Marcial Maciel, was also scheduled to speak. Questionable judgment on the part of Santorum perhaps? The molestation scandal about Maciel was raging at the time of the speaking event. And Regnum Christi is not exactly a mainstream Catholic organization.

There is much detail about the organization that will be of more interest to Catholics, and which is mysterious to me, but the head of the parent order, Legionaires of Christ, admitted that after an investigation by the pope in his then role as Cardinal Ratzinger, the sex abuse allegations against the now deceased Maciel had been substantiated. Apparently the vatican under John Paul forced Maciel to retire (as punishment and whitewash).

Maceil, who had close ties to Pope John Paul, was said to be "charismatic." Part of his line to the young men he abused was that Pope Pius XII had given him permission for sexual activity because of chronic pain. (A new symptom of Legionaire's disease?) I wonder if fucking boys relieves pain better than fucking adults. Santorum politics aside, it's time for a double feature of The Da Vincvi Code and Sex Crimes of the Vatican.