US Army sergeant kills 16 in Afghan villagers - Should we bring our forces that are in Afghanistan all home now?

  • metta

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    Mar 12, 2012 4:19 AM GMT
    US Army sergeant kills 16 in Afghan villagers
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    Mar 12, 2012 8:52 AM GMT
    Yes. I always opposed both wars while most people who claimed to be anti-war were only opposing the Iraq war. No, Afghanistan was not justified, because Afghanistan did not attack the US. Furthermore, Afghanistan tried to negotiate the terms of handing over Bin Laden. But since the US didn't want to try the peaceful route, they just bombed the shit out of people with no involvement in 9/11 and allowed Bin Laden the opportunity to escape for 10 years until he was found in Pakistan. Did Afghanistan attack the US? No. Did Iraq? No. So why did they invade?

    The Afghanistan war had two motivations: creating a puppet government that would allow US economic interests to prevail, including the creation of a natural gas pipeline, and the strategic position for a future invasion of Iran. The Iraq war of course had to do with oil and the same motivation is why there have been calls to invade Iran.

    Afghanistan's new government (which does not control most of the country, which is still controlled by the Taliban, FAIL) does not believe in any kind of secular ideas, rather, they endorse similar Islamist laws as the Taliban do. The truth is US imperialists do not give a shit about freedom or democracy or secular government, they only care about $$$ and they will ally with a theocracy that supports them (Saudi Arabia), and attack a theocracy (Iran) that opposes them.
    So people who oppose a war with Iran supposedly sympathize with Iran's government (false, we oppose both US imperialism and the Iranian theocracy and want the people of Iran to overthrow it) yet nobody questions why the US allies with Saudi Arabia.
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    Mar 12, 2012 11:12 PM GMT
    A truly dreadful event. These poor people were killed by one of those charged with protecting them. Relations between American forces and the Afghans must be very strained now following other incidents as well. I wonder what kind of justice the families will receive in such a fraught atmosphere?

    The news in the UK is concentrating on the politics of the situation( US, UK, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the troop withdrawal timetable, etc.) rather than the suffering of the ordinary people there. This is in sharp contrast to the terrible news from Syria, where the main focus is on the humanitarian suffering of the civilians.

    Should US/UK forces be withdrawn now rather than 2014? I don`t see how it would make much difference one way or the other. A better question might be: was the plan to remove the terrorists and build a free, open, and democratic Afghanistan ever a realistic possibility? For my part, the answer would be no, very unlikely to succeed. But the western politicians had to be seen to do something decisive after 9/11, and rushed into Afghanistan without serious consideration of the long term consequences.

    The largely western forces have failed to win the ordinary Afghans` hearts and minds(brute power rarely does), and so the whole mission is heading for defeat anyway. I think the US (and the UK) will leave when Obama said. To go any earlier looks very bad; panicked and ignominous; an open admission of failure.

    The Afghan government is utterly corrupt and ineffective and the future is very bleak, I fear, for most Afghans. I feel very sorry for them as they have endured so much sacrifice for so little in return.
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    Mar 13, 2012 1:08 AM GMT
    Im surprised that our more 'conservative'(well rightwing) members haven't uttered a peep on this!