I dont know how to react...

  • McMacster

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    Mar 12, 2012 6:28 PM GMT
    Hey buds n pipz,

    Im following this forums couple of weeks and its kinda intresting but I've just kept reading...

    Now I have a big big distress which i cant solve on my own and i need advice since I'm closeted and I have none to talk to.

    ok so short intro:

    Im 19, closeted and unexperienced gay guy and my best friend hes 20 and I'm not sure bout is sexuality.

    I dont know if you also have this feeling but sometimes you could say if someones gay or not and this feeling i have bout my best friend is that hes gay or at least bisexual...

    honestly i really adore him and always wished someday we would be together in harmony but things changed and now I'm just living with it...

    he doesnt now that i'm gay i was always afraid that it could affect our friendship

    so we are everyday together when I'm not working or after work we meet each other. we are always together.

    so now something happened couple weeks ago which confused me hard.

    after work i went to his place and i wanted to smoke some kush with him and it was late like 11pm

    so we went down to the cellar where we smoke sometimes when the weather is rainy or cold cause we still live at our parents house

    after half an hour we both were high and started making jokes and it was a funny time

    then somehow he got a bit serious and came nearer and nearer..

    then i had this feeling when someone comes TOO NEAR TO YOUR FACE i got kinda a bit nervous and had a bit panic

    i didnt knew what he was doing and i had the feeling he was going to kiss me but i doubted it but it was so obviously he also had this glance in the eyes... i cant imagine he wanted to do this but his behavior just made me think of it
    he realy came near and his lips were open but not pursed

    i just moved to the side to stop everything and then he got quiet and i think he was thinking about something

    so yesterday the same happened in a park it was late again nobody was around us we were completely alone
    it was just like the same situation as above i didnt know how i should react

    i was afraid if i kiss him something bad will happen

    i tried to wait to see what hes out for but i couldnt i felt kinda shy when he was looking into my eyes
    this time our bodies touched each other and he held my handwrist and had the same expression in the eyes and his head was leaned a bit to the left

    i really hoped he would kiss me but it took too long so dodged him and tried to calm down the situation...

    So what do you think? Did he tried to kiss me? What could it be?
    How can I be sure if he wanted to kiss me? Should I ask him?

    Please help :S

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    Mar 12, 2012 6:44 PM GMT
    Dude, you totally missed a hot lay.
  • McMacster

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    Mar 12, 2012 6:47 PM GMT
    you sure? its not like i'm expecting him being gay or something i am just wondering if he tried to kiss me or not :S i was unsure but if yes i would kiss him too man my buddie is the hottest guy I ever knew
  • LJay

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    Mar 12, 2012 9:22 PM GMT
    I think you should ask him because we do not know. How could we?

    In that situation I would simply kiss him with a nice open mouth. Neither one of you will suffer permanent harm if he is not into it.
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    Mar 12, 2012 10:34 PM GMT
    Just kiss and see what happens. The worst is that he has bad breath and you reject him.