for some reason my browser will only load the RJ forums so excuse me if i ask a redundant question.

Im currently reading the big book of muscle by mens health and it has some very useful information but i wanted to ask some opinions on some of the more obscure info.

I am a vegetarian on a budget so i always look for the best ways to get quality while still meeting caloric goals.

Now my first point has to deal with testosterone concentrations. Many associate testosterone with meat and that those who eat it have a greater capacity for growth. Well as women also eat meat, if it had that much of an impact wouldnt there be so many more muscular women walking about? Testosterone is also secreted with higher fat intake, such as from nuts and avocados.

I like two semi controversial items for meeting fat goals: coconut oil/milk and whole milk, both somewhat high in natural saturated fat. My assumption is that saturated fat and its affect on the system is heavily dependent on the source. What are your views?