I don't really believe in fate and destiny, but it does seem like the universe is against me.

When I was seeking a relationship there was a guy I was interested in, but he lived in the next state over and I didn't pursue it, because I thought I should focus on guys in my state.

Now that I'm no longer looking, he recently moved to my state and it just so happens to be the next town over and he has a boyfriend now.

Does this seem to happen to anyone else...not taking a chance and then seeing if you had, everything might have gone your way supposedly?

There's really no point to this thread, guess I'm just venting haha

The kicker was that when asked if he could start over and not be gay, he said no. For somebody who isn't remotely feminine and so young, it was surprising for me to hear his response. I admire confidence in one's sexuality like that and haven't come across anyone my age who's like that. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh

And I added feminine, because I would think(or I guess ASSume) he'd want to be into women to 'complete his masculinity'....(straight guilt or whatever)but I just like his answer.