me not accepting that am gay for years and Christians saying its pushed me into deep depression almost drove crazy. I had insomnia, headache, overwhelming stress, oversleeping can't wake long enough to get out of bed.

Anyone please tell what you've begin through.

Remember this no matter what society or Christians God loves us so dont let them drive you anyway. drive you away from God. In the bible the same bible Christians use against say we should not judge each other but let him God judge us. For in the end we will be judged individually. these Christians are something else why? because they hate us and yet the bible say love thy neighbor, funny ain't. Christians use relation to hide their hypocritical behavior. and they try to use verses in their favor even to the point of twisting God's words. in the bible he says woe unto to those who take his words and alter it.
its because of Christians why it was just since last year I accepted I was gay and it took deep depression for me to accept it. Jesus came to die for so we will be saved and even some of the rules in the old testament Jesus did not agree with. God see and knows all so no need to worry. He see and know we had not choice we are just like that. If gay was a choice I would not have suffered depression or be gay cause I fought it but nothing change as it was a part of who I am.